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You find some of the HUNDREDS of interviews and videos from the show’s 31 year history. In the menu, just pick a decade! Much more from the show will be added.

 Here are some short clips from the show.

Mark Lowry was my guest on March 2, 1997. We got a phone call from Gary Chapman (host of TNN’s “Prime Time Country“). 

Speaking of Gary, he would call in from time-to-time: usually with something to share. A life-lesson in this clip from November 11, 2001

The group “Allies” finally moved to Nashville and we had Randy Thomas and Bob Carlisle on one morning. When Randy walked into the studio, he whispered to me, “Just follow me”. I had NO idea what he had planned, but this bit just pretty much happened. I loved the fact that Louie Weaver (Petra’s drummer) was listening.

Bob Bennett is one of the most prolific songwriters I know. He liked to improvise songs right on the air. On this particular Sunday, I was about to do the Concert Calendar. He offered this little ditty. Co-producer, John Wilson could improvise as well!

DC Talk (Toby, Michael, and Kevin) first visited us on June 23, 1991. Some pretty amazing talent here!

One of the top ten songs in CCM has to be “Friends” by Michael W Smith. Do you know how it was written? This clip was from the mid-80’s.




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