In 2000 we celebrated our 20th anniversary on the air. The show was broadcasted live from Gary Chapman‘s studio in Franklin, TN. Lot’s of friends dropped by and we had very LIVE music. We also had something no other radio show had that morning… Gary Chapman’s helicopter!!!

FriendsGary sings 2

Phil sings 4

Randy, John and Louie

Control RoomTalking to Gary

Chopper-strapped in

Green Room

Blue Line


Blue Line


Blue Line



April 6, 2003 was a very busy morning. GMA week kicked off this day. It was GREAT to have Avalon in the studio. Celebrating 7 years of hits, a new project released a few days earlier, “The Very Best of Avalon” Pictured l-r: Jody McBrayer, Janna Long, me, Melissa Greene, and Michael Passons.

GMA 2003

Also on April 6 and later in the show, my long-time friends Jenny Lockwald, Morgan Cryar, and Bob Souer were on hand as well.

Blue Line110203- Pat Boone 1Thanks to an older sister, some of the first pop music I grew to love as a kid was the music of Pat Boone. He sold millions of albums, had 38 pop hits, and more than a dozen Hollywood films.  Pat was the second biggest charting artist of the late 1950s, only behind Elvis. I’ve been a big fan since before I can remember! 110203-Pat Boone 2Pat grew up in Nashville and in fact had come “home” to perform a concert at his alma mater, Lipscomb University. After years of invitations, he FINALLY paid us a visit on November 2, 2003.


Note: Pat came to visit the church I attended in Miami when I was a kid. It’s obvious who Pat is, I highlighted myself in blue. 

Blue Line

For several years, a Christmas tradition was to enjoy a visit from Gary Chapman and his brother, Keith. On December 21, 2003 we had cameras in the studio. The advantage of this recording is that it’s non-stop. From the time they walked into the studio and throughout the interview (during songs and commercials). A rare chance to see what goes on in the studio during a show.

Hour ONEHour TWO

Blue Line



070305 Chuck GirardWhat a major thrill to have Chuck Girard on the show! His participation as a true pioneer in both Jesus Music and mainstream rock is very evident. In 1964 he had a top-10 hit as lead singer of the group, “The Hondells“. Later, he was one of the founding members of one of the most recognizable groups to come out of the Jesus Movement, “Love Song“. Chuck first came to visit on July 3, 2005.

Blue Line

Rich -Belmont Univ- unkn dateWith great affection, every year we remembered our friend Rich Mullins.  We usually chose the week before his departure (September 19, 1997). There were no in-studio guests on this broadcast but still very full of great memories of Rich, his music, and his friends. This show is from September 18, 2005.

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011506 Ginny OwensGinny Owens… What a special lady! On January 15, 2006 she brought her latest CD, “Long Way Home” as well as a special project, “Live From New Orleans“- also recently released. She is one of my favorite people! Check out Ginny’s web site at: www.ginnyowens.com

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Carl Amari, me, Jim Caviezel

October 14, 2007  -Jim Caviezel is someone you’d recognize from many movies (“Count of Monte Cristo“, “G.I. Jane“, “Frequency“, “Madison“, “Pay It Forward“, “The Thin Red Line“, “Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius“, and of of course, the Mel Gibson’s production; “The Passion of the Christ“. He also starred in the TV drama, “Person of Interest. )

Jim was in town for a performance. We were able to take advantage and have him join us to talk and promote “The Word of Promise“, an audio Bible with Jim reprising his role as Jesus.  Also joining us was Carl Amari: producer of the project.

This is a fascinating conversation with both men. Jim talks about movies he’s been in including some interesting insights into making “Passion…”.

Check out the project by clicking the project picture.

Blue LineVictoria Jackson came to see us on October 21, 2007. Of course, I’d been following her on TV (Saturday Night Live) and movies (including one of my favorites, “UHF” with “Weird Al” Yankovic). One thing I discovered was that Victoria and I are from the same town… Hialeah, Florida. In face, she was born in the hospital where I worked when I was in high school. In addition, her father-in-law was my pediatrician! Small world, huh!!!

 In addition, Jim Cole was in that morning to talk about a local charity. He hung out for the rest of the show. We also talked on the phone to Larnelle Harris from his home is Louisville, KY. He had just been inducted into the Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame.

Blue Line


030908- AvalonMarch 9, 2008 brought us Avalon. I love these folks! They are always a blast! In this visit, we got to meet the “new guy”, Jeremi Richardson. Pic l-r: Greg Long, Melissa Greene, me, Janna Long, and Jeremi Richardson.

Blue Line

072708- Jerry BryantEvery year we celebrate Keith Green‘s life and music. At the time of this interview (July 27, 2008) it had been 26 years since Keith and 12 other people were killed in a small plane crash near his home at the Last Days Ministries ranch in Lindale, Texas. Joining us that morning was former pastor to the Last Days Community (when they were still in California) Jerry Bryant. We also had the very distinct pleasure of talking with Keith’s widow, Melody Green on the phone.

Blue Line 082408-Jim ColeJim Cole is a good friend and it is always good to have him stop by for a visit… especially when he brings his guitar.  Check out Jim’s website at: www.jimcoleonline.com. This is August 24, 2008.

Blue Line090708- Gordon and JimmySeptember 7, 2008 we had old friends drop by: Gordon Kennedy and Jimmie Lee Sloas. The subject was Jerry Reed. Gordon had been a very close friend to Jerry who had died less than a week earlier. Gordon shared some wonderful stories of Jerry’s life and his faith. He and Jimmie also performed one of my favorite Jerry Reed songs, “A Thing Called Love”.  As we point out in the interview, we’re not trying to canonize Jerry, but I love stories of someone I admire(d) coming to faith in Jesus.

 Blue Line


What an absolute THRILL to have Dion DiMucci on the show. It was March 8, 2009. He was at his home in Boca Raton, Florida.

A pioneer of Rock and Doo-Wop (and a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame), Dion also recorded several CCM albums.

Besides a generally and truly interesting conversation regarding his career and a new project he had released, Dion also talked about a subject few have first-hand knowledge of… the ill-fated “The Winter Dance Party” tour which took the life of with Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper (J.P. Richardson). Hear Dion tell of his experience and the death of his friends and the incredible impact it had on his life.

Blue Line

060709-Keaggy and KenJune 7, 2009 was quite a morning… Phil Keaggy, Ken Mansfield and Chuck Girard!!! Phil and Ken were taking part in a “Beatles-Day” concert that week. Ken invited Chuck to join us. Fine with me! 060709-talking to KenKen, if you will recall, was an executive with Capitol Records in the 1960’s. 060709-On the airThe Capitol roster included The Beach Boys, Glen Campbell, The Beatles, and many others. Ken was hand-picked by the Beatles to be the president of Apple Records in the US in 1967. He has some great stories as well as an incredible conversion experience. Check out his book: “Between Wyomings” released just two days after this show. 060709-Phil, Ken, and ChuckLeft picture: l-r: Phil Keaggy, me, Ken Mansfield, and Chuck Girard

Ken tells about being with Paul McCartney when Paul wrote songs. Ken talks about the release of the Sgt Pepper LP and "Paul is Dead".

Blue Line053109-Chonda and Friends 05Chonda Pierce had been elected president of the Christian Comedy Association. They were holding their annual conference in Nashville that week and kicked of the week that Sunday night (May 31, 2009) with a comedy show. 053109-Chonda and Friends 02It was great fun! I felt like a lion tamer… it was SIX comedians on one side of the board 053109-Chonda and Friends 03and ME on the other!!! Top picture on the left: Leland Klassen, Teresa Roberts Logan. Zan, me, Bone Hampton, Chonda Pierce, and Thor Ramsey.

053109-Chonda and Friends 04
053109-Chonda and Friends 01

Blue LineRich- Apr 1991On September 20, 2009 we once again paid tribute to our friend Rich Mullins. Never a dull moment interviewing Rich! In this show, we recall some favorite music and interview clips. Enjoy!

Blue Line

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